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William Optics and MN190 Dual rig
William Optics and MN190 Dual rig
Dual mount setup
T: 190mm Maksutov Newtonian
F: Starlight Xpress filter wheel
Astronomik LRGB, Ha, OIII & SII
G: William Optics ZS66SD
Starlight Xpress Lodestar
M: Pier mounted NEQ6Pro
controlled via EQMod
This setup was impossible to balance properly and was very heavy - note the FOUR counterweights. It also suffered from awful differential flexure and as the 190MN was mounted on a solid dovetail there was no way of adjusting out any cone error.
These problems prompted the addition of an Off Axis Guider so the guiding was looking through the same scope as the imaging camera. It also reduced weight and improved the balance.
I also refitted the standard Skywatcher dovetail. These are quite flimsy but I bolted this one to a William Optics dovetail plate thus stiffening it markedly. I now had the cone error adjustment bolts back so I was able to align the scope properly.
The upshot is that unguided tracking and guiding improved remarkably